Man pages for geobr
Download Official Spatial Data Sets of Brazil

cep_to_stateDetermine the state of a given CEP postal code
check_connectionCheck internet connection with Ipea server
download_gpkgDownload geopackage to tempdir
download_metadataSupport function to download metadata internally used in...
geobrgeobr: Download Official Spatial Data Sets of Brazil
grid_state_correspondence_tableA correspondence table indicating what quadrants of IBGE's...
list_geobrList all data sets available in the geobr package
load_gpkgLoad geopackage from tempdir to global environment
lookup_muniLook up municipality codes and names
read_amazonDownload spatial data of Brazil's Legal Amazon
read_biomesDownload spatial data of Brazilian biomes
read_capitalsDownload data of state capitals
read_census_tractDownload spatial data of census tracts of the Brazilian...
read_comparable_areasDownload spatial data of historically comparable...
read_conservation_unitsDownload spatial data of Brazilian environmental conservation...
read_countryDownload spatial data of Brazil's national borders
read_disaster_risk_areaDownload spatial data of disaster risk areas
read_health_facilitiesDownload geolocated data of health facilities
read_health_regionDownload spatial data of Brazilian health regions and health...
read_immediate_regionDownload spatial data of Brazil's Immediate Geographic Areas
read_indigenous_landDownload spatial data of indigenous lands in Brazil
read_intermediate_regionDownload spatial data of Brazil's Intermediate Geographic...
read_meso_regionDownload spatial data of meso regions
read_metro_areaDownload spatial data of official metropolitan areas in...
read_micro_regionDownload spatial data of micro regions
read_municipalityDownload spatial data of Brazilian municipalities
read_municipal_seatDownload spatial data of municipal seats (sede dos...
read_neighborhoodDownload spatial data of neighborhood limits of Brazilian...
read_pop_arrangementsDownload population arrangements in Brazil
read_regionDownload spatial data of Brazil Regions
read_schoolsDownload geolocated data of schools
read_semiaridDownload spatial data of the Brazilian Semiarid region
read_stateDownload spatial data of Brazilian states
read_statistical_gridDownload spatial data of IBGE's statistical grid
read_urban_areaDownload spatial data of urbanized areas in Brazil
read_urban_concentrationsDownload urban concentration areas in Brazil
read_weighting_areaDownload spatial data of Census Weighting Areas (area de...
select_data_typeSelect data type: 'original' or 'simplified' (default)
select_metadataSelect metadata
select_year_inputSelect year input
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