geobr: geobr: Download Official Spatial Data Sets of Brazil

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geobr: Download Official Spatial Data Sets of Brazil


Easy access to official spatial data sets of Brazil as 'sf' objects in R. The package includes a wide range of geospatial data available at various geographic scales and for various years with harmonized attributes, projection and fixed topology.


Please check the vignettes for more on the package usage:

  • Introduction to geobr (R) on the website.


Maintainer: Rafael H. M. Pereira (ORCID)


  • Caio Nogueira Goncalves

Other contributors:

  • Paulo Henrique Fernandes de Araujo [contributor]

  • Guilherme Duarte Carvalho [contributor]

  • Rodrigo Almeida de Arruda [contributor]

  • Igor Nascimento [contributor]

  • Barbara Santiago Pedreira da Costa [contributor]

  • Welligtton Silva Cavedo [contributor]

  • Pedro R. Andrade [contributor]

  • Alan da Silva [contributor]

  • Carlos KauĂȘ Vieira Braga [contributor]

  • Carl Schmertmann [contributor]

  • Alessandro Samuel-Rosa [contributor]

  • Daniel Ferreira [contributor]

  • Marcus Saraiva [contributor]

  • Ipea - Institue for Applied Economic Research [copyright holder, funder]

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