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Download geolocated data of health facilities


Data comes from the National Registry of Healthcare facilities (Cadastro Nacional de Estabelecimentos de Saude - CNES), originally collected by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. According to the Ministry of Health: "The coordinates of each facility were obtained by CNES and validated by means of space operations. These operations verify if the point is in the municipality, considering a radius of 5,000 meters. When the coordinate is not correct, further searches are done in other systems of the Ministry of Health and in web services like Google Maps. Finally, if the coordinates have been correctly obtained in this process, the coordinates of the municipal head office are used. The geocode source used is registered in the database in a specific column data_source. Periodically the coordinates are revised with the objective of improving the quality of the data." The date of the last data update is registered in the database in the columns date_update and year_update. More information in the CNES data set available at These data use Geodetic reference system "SIRGAS2000" and CRS(4674).


read_health_facilities(showProgress = TRUE)



Logical. Defaults to TRUE display progress bar.


An ⁠"sf" "data.frame"⁠ object

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# Read all health facilities of the whole country
h <- read_health_facilities()

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