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Download spatial data of Brazilian health regions and health macro regions


Health regions are used to guide the the regional and state planning of health services. Macro health regions, in particular, are used to guide the planning of high complexity health services. These services involve larger economics of scale and are concentrated in few municipalities because they are generally more technology intensive, costly and face shortages of specialized professionals. A macro region comprises one or more health regions.


  year = 2013,
  macro = FALSE,
  simplified = TRUE,
  showProgress = TRUE



Numeric. Year of the data in YYYY format. Defaults to 2013, the latest available.


Logic. If FALSE (default), the function downloads health regions data. If TRUE, the function downloads macro regions data.


Logic FALSE or TRUE, indicating whether the function should return the data set with 'original' spatial resolution or a data set with 'simplified' geometry. Defaults to TRUE. For spatial analysis and statistics users should set simplified = FALSE. Borders have been simplified by removing vertices of borders using ⁠st_simplify{sf}⁠ preserving topology with a dTolerance of 100.


Logical. Defaults to TRUE display progress bar.


An ⁠"sf" "data.frame"⁠ object

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# Read all health regions for a given year
hr <- read_health_region( year=2013 )

# Read all macro health regions
mhr <- read_health_region( year=2013, macro =TRUE)

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