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Download spatial data of historically comparable municipalities


This function downloads the shape file of minimum comparable area of municipalities, known in Portuguese as 'Areas minimas comparaveis (AMCs)'. The data is available for any combination of census years between 1872-2010. These data sets are generated based on the Stata code originally developed by \Sexpr[results=rd]{tools:::Rd_expr_doi("10.1590/0101-416147182phe")}Philipp Ehrl, and translated into R by the geobr team.


  start_year = 1970,
  end_year = 2010,
  simplified = TRUE,
  showProgress = TRUE



Numeric. Start year to the period in the YYYY format. Defaults TO 1970.


Numeric. End year to the period in the YYYY format. Defaults to 2010.


Logic FALSE or TRUE, indicating whether the function should return the data set with 'original' spatial resolution or a data set with 'simplified' geometry. Defaults to TRUE. For spatial analysis and statistics users should set simplified = FALSE. Borders have been simplified by removing vertices of borders using ⁠st_simplify{sf}⁠ preserving topology with a dTolerance of 100.


Logical. Defaults to TRUE display progress bar.


These data sets are generated based on the original Stata code developed by Philipp Ehrl. If you use these data, please cite:

  • Ehrl, P. (2017). Minimum comparable areas for the period 1872-2010: an aggregation of Brazilian municipalities. Estudos Econômicos (São Paulo), 47(1), 215-229.


An ⁠"sf" "data.frame"⁠ object

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  amc <- read_comparable_areas(start_year=1970, end_year=2010)

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