read_statistical_grid: Download spatial data of IBGE's statistical grid

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read_statistical_gridR Documentation

Download spatial data of IBGE's statistical grid


Data at scale 1:250,000, using Geodetic reference system "SIRGAS2000" and CRS(4674)


read_statistical_grid(code_grid, year = 2010, showProgress = TRUE)



If two-letter abbreviation or two-digit code of a state is passed, the function will load all grid quadrants that intersect with that state. If code_grid="all", the grid of the whole country will be loaded. Users may also pass a grid quadrant id to load an specific quadrant. Quadrant ids can be consulted at geobr::grid_state_correspondence_table.


Numeric. Year of the data in YYYY format. Defaults to 2010. The only year available thus far is 2010.


Logical. Defaults to TRUE display progress bar.


An ⁠"sf" "data.frame"⁠ object

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# Read a particular grid at a given year
grid <- read_statistical_grid(code_grid = 45, year=2010)

# Read the grid covering a given state at a given year
state_grid <- read_statistical_grid(code_grid = "RJ")

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