read_semiarid: Download spatial data of the Brazilian Semiarid region

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Download spatial data of the Brazilian Semiarid region


This data set covers the whole of Brazilian Semiarid as defined in the resolution in 23/11/2017). The original data comes from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and can be found at


read_semiarid(year = 2017, simplified = TRUE, showProgress = TRUE)



A date number in YYYY format (defaults to 2017)


Logic FALSE or TRUE, indicating whether the function should return the data set with 'original' spatial resolution or a data set with 'simplified' geometry. Defaults to TRUE. For spatial analysis and statistics users should set simplified = FALSE. Borders have been simplified by removing vertices of borders using st_simplify{sf} preserving topology with a dTolerance of 100.


Logical. Defaults to TRUE display progress bar.


An "sf" "data.frame" object

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## Not run:  if (interactive()) {
# Read Brazilian semiarid
a <- read_semiarid(year=2017)
## End(Not run)

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