haploReconstruct: Reconstruction of Haplotype-Blocks from Time Series Data

Reconstruction of founder haplotype blocks from time series data.

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AuthorSusanne U. Franssen, Nicholas H. Barton, Christian Schloetterer
Date of publication2016-10-10 18:18:49
MaintainerSusanne U. Franssen <susefranssen@googlemail.com>

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ex_dat Man page
hbr Man page
hbr-class Man page
initialize_SNP_time_series Man page
inspect_window Man page
inspect_window_avLink Man page
inspect_window_avLink.hbr Man page
inspect_window_avLink,hbr-method Man page
inspect_window_dbScan Man page
inspect_window_dbScan.hbr Man page
inspect_window_dbScan,hbr-method Man page
inspect_window.hbr Man page
inspect_window,hbr-method Man page
inspect_window_PCA Man page
inspect_window_PCA.hbr Man page
inspect_window_PCA,hbr-method Man page
map Man page
map.hbr Man page
map,hbr-method Man page
markers Man page
markers.hbr Man page
markers,hbr-method Man page
number_hbr Man page
number_hbr.hbr Man page
number_hbr,hbr-method Man page
plot_cluster_trajectories Man page
plot_cluster_trajectories.hbr Man page
plot_cluster_trajectories,hbr-method Man page
plot.hbr Man page
plot_hbr_freq Man page
plot_hbr-freq.hbr Man page
plot_hbr_freq,hbr-method Man page
plot,hbr-method Man page
plot_marker_trajectories Man page
plot_marker_trajectories.hbr Man page
plot_marker_trajectories,hbr-method Man page
reconstruct_hb Man page
reconstruct_hb.SNP_time_series Man page
reconstruct_hb,SNP_time_series-method Man page
rev_map Man page
rev_map.hbr Man page
rev_map,hbr-method Man page
show Man page
show.hbr Man page
show,hbr-method Man page
show.SNP_time_series Man page
show,SNP_time_series-method Man page
SNP_time_series Man page
SNP_time_series-class Man page
summary.hbr Man page
summary,hbr-method Man page
sync_to_frequencies Man page
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