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Effects and Importances of Model Ingredients

accumulated_dependenceAccumulated Local Effects Profiles aka ALEPlots
aggregate_profilesAggregates Ceteris Paribus Profiles
bind_plotsBind Multiple ggplot Objects
calculate_oscillationsCalculate Oscillations for Ceteris Paribus Explainer
calculate_variable_profileInternal Function for Individual Variable Profiles
calculate_variable_splitInternal Function for Split Points for Selected Variables
ceteris_paribusCeteris Paribus Profiles aka Individual Variable Profiles
ceteris_paribus_2dCeteris Paribus 2D Plot
cluster_profilesCluster Ceteris Paribus Profiles
conditional_dependenceConditional Dependence Profiles
describeNatural language description of feature importance explainer
feature_importanceFeature Importance
partial_dependencePartial Dependence Profiles
plot.aggregated_profiles_explainerPlots Aggregated Profiles
plot.ceteris_paribus_2d_explainerPlot Ceteris Paribus 2D Explanations
plot.ceteris_paribus_explainerPlots Ceteris Paribus Profiles
plot.ceteris_paribus_oscillationsPlot Ceteris Paribus Oscillations
plotD3_aggregated_profilesPlots Aggregated Ceteris Paribus Profiles in D3 with r2d3...
plotD3_ceteris_paribusPlots Ceteris Paribus Profiles in D3 with r2d3 Package.
plotD3_feature_importancePlot Feature Importance Objects in D3 with r2d3 Package.
plot.feature_importance_explainerPlots Feature Importance
print.aggregated_profiles_explainerPrints Aggregated Profiles
print.ceteris_paribus_explainerPrints Individual Variable Explainer Summary
print.feature_importance_explainerPrint Generic for Feature Importance Object
select_neighboursSelect Subset of Rows Closest to a Specified Observation
select_sampleSelect Subset of Rows
show_aggregated_profilesAdds a Layer with Aggregated Profiles
show_observationsAdds a Layer with Observations to a Profile Plot
show_profilesAdds a Layer with Profiles
show_residualsAdds a Layer with Residuals to a Profile Plot
show_rugsAdds a Layer with Rugs to a Profile Plot
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