Man pages for ipaddress
Data Analysis for IP Addresses and Networks

address_in_networkNetwork membership of addresses
collapse_networksCollapse contiguous and overlapping networks
common_networkFind the common network of two addresses
country_networksCountry-level IP networks
exclude_networksRemove networks from others
iana_ipv4IPv4 address space allocation
iana_ipv6IPv6 address space allocation
ip_addressVector of IP addresses
ipaddress-packageipaddress: Data Analysis for IP Addresses and Networks
ipaddress-vctrsInternal vctrs methods
ip_castCast to IP vector
ip_formatFormat IP vector
ip_interfaceVector of IP interfaces
ip_networkVector of IP networks
ip_operatorsOperators for IP addresses
ip_testTest for IP vector
ip_to_binaryRepresent address as binary
ip_to_bytesRepresent address as raw bytes
ip_to_hexRepresent address as hexadecimal
ip_to_hostnameTranslate address to/from hostname
ip_to_integerRepresent address as integer
ipv6-transitionIPv6 transition mechanisms
is_ipv6Version of the address space
is_reservedReserved addresses
max_prefix_lengthSize of the address space
netmaskNetwork mask
network_in_networkNetwork membership of other networks
network_sizeNetwork size
reverse_pointerReverse DNS pointer
sampleSample random addresses
sequenceList addresses within a network
summarize_address_rangeList constituent networks of an address range
traverse_hierarchyTraverse the network hierarchy
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