Man pages for molaR
Dental Surface Complexity Measurement Tools

Check2DPlot 2D footprint and footprint triangle points to check for...
clustered_patchesA clustering function
compute_energy_per_faceFunction will compute the DNE per face.
crossCross product function
cSizeCentroid Size Function
Directional_BinsThis bins the faces into directional categories
DNECalculate Dirichlet normal energy of a surface
DNE3dPlot results of a DNE analysis of a surface
DNE_LegendMake legend for DNE3d plot
edge_verticesFunction for finding the edge vertices
Equal_Vertex_NormalsImportant function for re-doing the vertex normals for the...
face_areasFunction to calculate face areas.
Face_NormalsFunction to find Face Normals
HillsHills - sine-cosine plane
index_paired_directed_facesIndex of paired faces with directions
molaR_BatchRun a batch of molaR analyses
molaR_bgplotInternal function for making molaR plot legends
molaR_CleanClean up problem ply files
OPCCalculate orientation patch count of a surface
OPC3dPlot results of OPC analysis of a surface
OPC_Legendfunction for building a legend in OPC plots
OPCrCalculate average orientation patch count after several...
OPCr_Example1OPCr_Example1 - object created by OPCr function used as an...
OPCr_Example2OPCr_Example2 - object created by OPCr function used as an...
patch_detailsFunction for gathering patch details for each Orientation...
patches_for_each_directionFunction for gathering the patches for each direction
patches_perA function for patches within each face
plyClipClip a ply file
read.AVIZO.plyRead mesh data from ply files saved by AVIZO
remove_boundary_facesRemove boundary faces
remove_outliersMask outliers on some faces
repmatReplicate a matrix
RFICalculate Boyer's (2008) relief index for a surface
RFI3dPlot 3D and 2D areas of a mesh used to calculate relief index
RFI_Legendfunction for building a legend for RFI
SlopeFunction to calculate the average slope of a surface
Slope3dPlot results of a Slope analysis of a surface
Slope_LegendPlotting subfunction for making slope plot legend
ToothTooth - scan of USNM_112176 lower M1 from Chlorocebus spp.
trTrace function
vertex_to_face_listfunction for making a list of faces on each vertex
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