OPCr: Calculate average orientation patch count after several...

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A function that calls OPC iteratively after rotating mesh a selected number of degrees around the Z-axis following Evans and Jernvall (2009) Patterns and constraints in carnivoran and rodent dental complexity and tooth size. J Vert Paleo 29:24A


OPCr(plyFile, Steps = 8, stepSize = 5.625, minimum_faces = 3,
  minimum_area = 0)



An object of classes 'mesh3d' and 'shape3d' with calculated normals


Number of iterations to run the OPC function on the mesh


Amount of rotation in degrees about the Z-axis to adjust mesh surface by between each iteration of OPC


Argument to pass to the OPC function


Argument to pass to the OPC function


The function requires an object created by reading in a ply file utilizing either the read.ply or the read.AVIZO.ply function, with calculated normals.

Default number of Steps is 8, with a stepSize of 5.625 degrees, following the original definition of OPCR.

See the details for the OPC function for more information about preparing mesh surfaces and the effects of minimum_faces and minimum_area.

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