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Calculate average orientation patch count after several rotations


A function that calls OPC iteratively after rotating mesh a selected number of degrees around the Z-axis following Evans and Jernvall (2009) Patterns and constraints in carnivoran and rodent dental complexity and tooth size. J Vert Paleo 29:24A


OPCr(plyFile, steps = 8, stepSize = 5.625, minimum_faces = 3, minimum_area = 0)



An object of classes 'mesh3d' and 'shape3d' with calculated normals


Number of iterations to run the OPC() function on the mesh


Amount of rotation (in degrees) about the Z-axis to adjust mesh surface by between each iteration of OPC()


Argument to pass to the OPC() function


Argument to pass to the OPC() function


The function requires a mesh object created by reading in a ply file utilizing either the, vcgPlyRead function.

Default number of steps is 8, with a stepSize of 5.625 degrees, following the original published definition of OPCR.

See the details for the OPC function for more information about preparing mesh surfaces and the effects of minimum_faces and minimum_area.

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