Man pages for mpMap
Multi-parent RIL genetic analysis

add3ptAdd markers to a framework map using 3-point likelihoods
cleanmapClean map for use in QTL mappin
clean.mpcrossCheck data format and compute summary statistics for...
compare_ordersCompare potential orders for linkage groups
computemapComputes map distances
fillmissFill in missing values for an mpcross object
findqtl2Detect a second QTL in a QTL profile from (composite)...
fitFit a full model including all QTL and effects from base...
mapcomp-allFunctions for comparison of two map orders
maporderHelper function to ensure that mpcross objects are in map...
mpaddAdd markers onto an existing 'mpcross' object
mpcalcldCalculate linkage disequilibrium between all pairs of markers
mpcrossMulti-parent cross object
mpestrfEstimate pairwise recombination fractions between markers
mpgroupGroup markers into linkage groups given 2-pt recombination...
mpIM(Composite) Interval Mapping for QTL detection in...
mp-mapdistConversion between recombination fractions (R) and map...
mpMap-internalInternal mpMap functions
mpMap-outputOutput mpcross objects to other file formats
mpMap-packageGenetic analysis in multi-parent crosses
mporderOrder markers within linkage groups
mpprobCompute founder probabilities for multi-parent crosses
naiCount how many generations of advanced intercross are in a...
plotlink.mapPlots linkage maps
plot.mpcrossPlot summary of mpcross object
plot.mpprobPlot summary of founder probabilities and haplotype blocks
plot.mpqtlPlot output from interval mapping with detected QTL
qtlmapSelect markers in a region around QTL
read.mpcrossConstruct mpcross objects from datafiles
sim.mpcrossSimulate data from multi-parent designs
sim.mppedGenerate pedigrees from multi-parent designs
sim.sigthrSimulate a significance threshold for (composite) interval...
subset.mpcrossSubset mpcross object
subset.mpprobSubset mpprob object
summary.mpcrossSummary of mpcross object
summary.mpprobSummary of mpprob object
summary.mpqtlSummary of mpqtl object
supportintervalCalculate support interval for detected QTL
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