update_model_info_file: Save information about models

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update_model_info_fileR Documentation

Save information about models


This function writes a tab delimited file to the package to capture information about the known models. This information includes packages in the tidymodels GitHub repository as well as packages that are known to work well with tidymodels packages (e.g. not only parsnip but also tune, etc.). There may be more model definitions in other extension packages that are not included here.

These data are used to document engines for each model function man page.


update_model_info_file(path = "inst/models.tsv")



A character string for the location of the tab delimited file.


See our model implementation guidelines on best practices for modeling and modeling packages.

It is highly recommended that the known parsnip extension packages are loaded. The unexported parsnip function extensions() will list these.

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