Man pages for parsnip
A Common API to Modeling and Analysis Functions

add_on_exportsFunctions required for parsnip-adjacent packages
add_rowindexAdd a column of row numbers to a data frame
boost_treeGeneral Interface for Boosted Trees
C5.0_trainBoosted trees via C5.0
check_empty_ellipseCheck to ensure that ellipses are empty
control_parsnipControl the fit function
convert_argsMake a table of arguments
convert_stan_intervalConvenience function for intervals
decision_treeGeneral Interface for Decision Tree Models
descriptorsData Set Characteristics Available when Fitting Models
eval_argsEvaluate parsnip model arguments
fitFit a Model Specification to a Dataset
get_model_envWorking with the parsnip model environment
has_multi_predictTools for models that predict on sub-models
keras_mlpSimple interface to MLP models via keras
linear_regGeneral Interface for Linear Regression Models
logistic_regGeneral Interface for Logistic Regression Models
make_classesPrepend a new class
marsGeneral Interface for MARS
mlpGeneral Interface for Single Layer Neural Network
model_fitModel Fit Object Information
model_printerPrint helper for model objects
model_specModel Specification Information
multinom_regGeneral Interface for Multinomial Regression Models
multi_predictModel predictions across many sub-models
nearest_neighborGeneral Interface for K-Nearest Neighbor Models
nullmodelFit a simple, non-informative model
null_modelGeneral Interface for null models
other_predictOther predict methods.
predict.model_fitModel predictions
rand_forestGeneral Interface for Random Forest Models
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rpart_trainDecision trees via rpart
set_argsChange elements of a model specification
set_engineDeclare a computational engine and specific arguments
set_new_modelTools to Register Models
show_callPrint the model call
surv_regGeneral Interface for Parametric Survival Models
svm_polyGeneral interface for polynomial support vector machines
svm_rbfGeneral interface for radial basis function support vector...
tidy.model_fitTurn a parsnip model object into a tidy tibble
tidy.nullmodelTidy method for null models
translateResolve a Model Specification for a Computational Engine
type_sum.model_specSuccinct summary of parsnip object
varyingA placeholder function for argument values
varying_args.model_specDetermine varying arguments
xgb_trainBoosted trees via xgboost
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