Man pages for rabhit
Inference Tool for Antibody Haplotype

createFullHaplotypeAnchor gene haplotype inference
deletionHeatmapGraphical output of single chromosome deletions
deletionsByBinomDouble chromosome deletion by relative gene usage
deletionsByVpooledSingle chromosomal D or J gene deletions inferred by the V...
dot-onAttach.onAttach start message
geneUsageDouble chromosome deletion by relative gene usage
GERMHuman germlines
hapDendoHierarchical clustering of haplotypes graphical output
hapHeatmapGraphical output of alleles division by chromosome
HDGERMHuman IGHD germlines
HJGERMHuman IGHJ germlines
HVGERMHuman IGHV germlines
KJGERMHuman IGKJ germlines
KVGERMHuman IGKV germlines
LJGERMHuman IGLJ germlines
nonReliableVGenesDetect non reliable gene assignment
plotDeletionsByBinomGraphical output of double chromosome deletions
plotDeletionsByVpooledGraphical output for single chromosome D or J gene deletions...
plotHaplotypeGraphical output of an inferred haplotype
rabhitThe RAbHIT package
samples_dbExample IGH human naive b-cell repertiore
samplesHaplotypeExample haplotype inference results
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