samplesHaplotype: Example haplotype inference results

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A data.frame of example haplotype infrence results from createFullHaplotype after double chromosome deletion inference via deletionsByBinom and non reliable V genes detection via nonReliableVGenes. Source data is a colletion of IGH human naive b-cell repertiore data from five individuals (see references). Overall, the data set includes 6 samples. A single individual has two samples (Individual I5), one is short read sequences from BIOMED-2 protocol primers for framework 2 region (The sample is annotated I5_FR2).




A data.frame, in which each row is the haplotype inference summary of a gene of an individual, from the column selected to prefrom the haplptype infrence on.


Gidoni, Moriah, et al. Mosaic deletion patterns of the human antibody heavy chain gene locus shown by Bayesian haplotyping. Nature Communications. 10.1 (2019): 628.

See Also

See createFullHaplotype for detailed column descriptions.

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