rabhit: The RAbHIT package

Description Haplotype and deletions inference Haplotype and deletions visualization References


The rabhit package provides a robust novel method for determining antibody heavy and light chain haplotypes by adapting a Bayesian framework. The key functions in rabhit, broken down by topic, are described below.

Haplotype and deletions inference

rabhit provides tools to infer haplotypes based on given anchor genes, deletion detection based on relative gene usage, pooling v genes, and a single anchor gene.

Haplotype and deletions visualization

Functions for visualization of the inferred haplotypes and deletions


  1. Gidoni, M., Snir, O., Peres, A., Polak, P., Lindeman, I., Mikocziova, I., . . . Yaari, G. (2019). Mosaic deletion patterns of the human antibody heavy chain gene locus shown by Bayesian haplotyping. Nature Communications, 10(1). doi:10.1038/s41467-019-08489-3

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