Defines functions exportReports exportReports.redcapDbConnection exportReports.redcapApiConnection

Documented in exportReports exportReports.redcapApiConnection exportReports.redcapDbConnection

#' @name exportReports 
#' @title Export Reports from a REDCap Database
#' @description Exports reports from a REDCap Database and formats data if requested
#' @param rcon A REDCap connection object as created by \code{redcapConnection}.
#' @param report_id Integer.  Gives the report id of the desired report. 
#' This is located on the Report Builder page of the user interface on REDCap.
#' @param factors Logical.  Determines if categorical data from the database 
#' is returned as numeric codes or labelled factors.
#' @param labels Logical.  Determines if the variable labels are applied to the data frame.
#' @param dates Logical. Determines if date variables are converted to POSIXlt format during the download.
#' @param checkboxLabels Logical. Determines the format of labels in checkbox 
#'   variables.  If \code{FALSE} labels are applies as "Unchecked"/"Checked".  
#'   If \code{TRUE}, they are applied as ""/"[field_labe]" where [field_label] 
#'   is the label assigned to the level in the data dictionary. This option 
#'   is only available after REDCap version 6.0.
#' @param bundle A \code{redcapBundle} object as created by \code{exportBundle}.
#' @param ... Additional arguments to be passed between methods.
#' @param error_handling An option for how to handle errors returned by the API.
#'   see \code{\link{redcap_error}}
#' @details
#' A record of exports through the API is recorded in the Logging section of 
#' the project.
#' Reports are exported based on their id number, which can be looked up in 
#' the Reports page of a project
#' @section REDCap API Documentation (6.5.0):
#' This function allows you to export the data set of a report created on a project's 
#' "Data Exports, Reports, and Stats" page.
#' Note about export rights (6.0.0+): Please be aware that Data Export user rights will be 
#' applied to this API request. For example, if you have "No Access" data export rights 
#' in the project, then the API report export will fail and return an error. And if you 
#' have "De-Identified" or "Remove all tagged Identifier fields" data export rights, 
#' then some data fields *might* be removed and filtered out of the data set returned 
#' from the API. To make sure that no data is unnecessarily filtered out of your API 
#' request, you should have "Full Data Set" export rights in the project.
#' @section REDCap Version:
#' 6.0.0+
#' @section Known REDCap Limitations:
#' None
#' @author Benjamin Nutter
#' @export

exportReports <- function(rcon, report_id, factors=TRUE, labels=TRUE, 
                          dates=TRUE, checkboxLabels=FALSE, ...)

#' @rdname exportReports
#' @export

exportReports.redcapDbConnection <- function(rcon, report_id, factors=TRUE, labels=TRUE, 
                                             dates=TRUE, checkboxLabels=FALSE, ...){
  message("Please accept my apologies.  The exportMappings method for redcapDbConnection objects\n",
          "has not yet been written.  Please consider using the API.")          

#' @rdname exportReports
#' @export

exportReports.redcapApiConnection <- function(rcon, report_id, factors = TRUE, labels = TRUE, 
                                              dates = TRUE, checkboxLabels = FALSE, ...,
                                              bundle = getOption("redcap_bundle"),
                                              error_handling = getOption("redcap_error_handling")){
  if (!is.na(match("proj", names(list(...)))))
    message("The 'proj' argument is deprecated.  Please use 'bundle' instead")
    bundle <- list(...)[["proj"]]
  if (!is.numeric(report_id)) report_id <- as.numeric(report_id)
  coll <- checkmate::makeAssertCollection()
  checkmate::assert_integerish(x = report_id,
                               len = 1,
                               add = coll)
  massert(~ rcon + bundle,
          fun = checkmate::assert_class,
          classes = list(rcon = "redcapApiConnection",
                         bundle = "redcapBundle"),
          null.ok = list(rcon = FALSE,
                         bundle = TRUE),
          fixed = list(add = coll))
  massert(~ factors + labels + dates + checkboxLabels,
          fun = checkmate::assert_logical,
          fixed = list(len = 1,
                       add = coll))
  error_handling <- checkmate::matchArg(x = error_handling, 
                                        choices = c("null", "error"),
                                        add = coll)
  #* Secure the meta data.
  meta_data <- 
    if (is.null(bundle$meta_data)) 
  #* for purposes of the export, we don't need the descriptive fields. 
  #* Including them makes the process more error prone, so we'll ignore them.
  meta_data <- meta_data[!meta_data$field_type %in% "descriptive", ]  
  #* Secure the REDCap version
  version <- 
    if (is.null(bundle$version))
  body <- list(token = rcon$token, 
               content = 'report',
               format = 'csv', 
               returnFormat = 'csv',
               report_id = report_id)
  x <- httr::POST(url = rcon$url, 
                  body = body, 
                  config = rcon$config)
  if (x$status_code != 200) redcap_error(x, error_handling)
  x <- utils::read.csv(text = as.character(x), 
                       stringsAsFactors = FALSE, 
                       na.strings = "")

  #* synchronize underscore codings between records and meta data
  #* Only affects calls in REDCap versions earlier than 5.5.21
  if (utils::compareVersion(version, "6.0.0") == -1) 
    meta_data <- syncUnderscoreCodings(x, meta_data)

  x <- fieldToVar(records = x, 
                  meta_data = meta_data, 
                  factors = factors, 
                  dates = dates, 
                  checkboxLabels = checkboxLabels)
  if (labels) 
    field_names <- names(x)
    field_names <- unique(sub("___.+$", "", field_names))
    # For reports, there is not check on the field names, since 
    # the user may only select fields using the interface.
    # However, [form]_complete fields do not appear in the 
    # meta data and need to be removed to avoid an error.
    # See #108
    field_names <- field_names[field_names %in% meta_data$field_name]

    suffixed <- checkbox_suffixes(fields = field_names,
                                  meta_data = meta_data, 
                                  version = version)

    x[suffixed$name_suffix] <-
      mapply(nm = suffixed$name_suffix,
             lab = suffixed$label_suffix,
             FUN = function(nm, lab){
               labelVector::set_label(x[[nm]], lab)
             SIMPLIFY = FALSE)

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