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#' @name syncUnderscoreCodings
#' @title Sychronize coding of checkbox variables between meta data and 
#'   records field names.
#' @description Due to a bug in the REDCap export module, underscores in 
#'   checkbox codings are not retained in the suffixes of the field names 
#'   in the exported records.  For example, if variable \code{chk} is a 
#'   checkbox with a coding 'a_b, A and B', the field name in the data 
#'   export becomes \code{chk___ab}.  The loss of the underscore causes
#'   \code{fieldToVar} to fail as it can't match variable names to the 
#'   meta data.  \code{syncUnderscoreCodings} rectifies this problem by 
#'   searching the suffixes and meta data for underscores.  If a 
#'   discrepancy is found, the underscores are removed from the metadata 
#'   codings, restoring harmony to the universe.  This bug was fixed in 
#'   REDCap version 5.5.21 and this function does not apply to that and 
#'   later versions.
#' @param records The data frame object returned from the API export 
#'   prior to applying factors, labels, and dates via the \code{fieldToVar} 
#'   function.
#' @param meta_data Metadata export from \code{exportMetaData}
#' @param export Logical.  Specifies if data are being synchronized for 
#'   import or export
#' @details 
#' \code{syncUnderscoreCodings} performs a series of evaluations.  First, it 
#' determines if any underscores are found  in the checkbox codings.  
#' If none are found, the function terminates without changing anything.
#' If the checkbox codings have underscores, the next evaluation is to 
#' determine if the variable names suffixes have matching underscores.  
#' If they do, then the function terminates with no changes to the meta data.
#' For data exports, if the prior two checks find underscores in the meta data 
#' and no underscores in the suffixes, the underscores are removed from the 
#' meta data and the new meta data returned.
#' For data imports, the meta data are not altered and the 
#' \code{checkbox_field_name_map} attribute is used to synchronize field 
#' names to the meta data and the expectations of REDCap (for import, 
#' REDCap expects the underscore codings to be used.
#' @section Backward Compatibility:
#' In retrospect, we realize that the way \code{syncUnderscoreCodings} is written
#' is backwards.  We should have altered the field names in the records
#' data frame.  Any scripts that make use of \code{syncUnderscoreCodings} and were
#' written prior to version 5.5.21 will fail because the underscores in the codings
#' will now be present where they weren't before.  
#' For backward compatibility of \code{redcapAPI}, we continue to alter the codings
#' in the meta data. We do not anticipate many problems, as most people don't use
#' underscores in the checkbox codings
#' If your scripts were written under REDCap 5.5.21 or higher, you will have no backward
#' compatibility problems related to this issue.
#' @author Benjamin Nutter

syncUnderscoreCodings <- function(records, meta_data, export = TRUE){
  #* Deterimine if there are any underscores in checkbox codings
  .checkbox <- meta_data[meta_data$field_type %in% c('checkbox'), ]
  if (nrow(.checkbox) == 0) return(meta_data)
  codings <- lapply(X = .checkbox$field_name,
                    FUN = manual_checkbox_suffixes,
  codings <- lapply(X = codings,
                    FUN = function(x) sub("^.+___", "", x))

  metaUnderscore <- any(sapply(codings, function(x) any(grepl("_", x))))
  #* If there are no underscores in checkbox codings, return meta_data.
  #* No futher work needed.
  if (!metaUnderscore) return(meta_data)
  #* If the function reaches this point, there were underscores in the codings
  #* Now check the variable names in the exported records for underscores in the coding suffixes
  ptrn <- paste0("(", 
  ptrn_suff <- paste0("(", 
  checkNames <- names(records)[grepl(pattern = ptrn, 
                                     x = names(records))]
  checkNames <- gsub(pattern = ptrn_suff, 
                     replacement = "", 
                     x = checkNames)
  recordUnderscore <- any(grepl(pattern = "_", 
                                x = checkNames))
  #* if underscores are found in the meta_data codings and the records suffixes, return meta_data
  #* No further work needed
  if (metaUnderscore & recordUnderscore) return(meta_data)
  #* If the function reaches this point, the meta_data codings do not match the record suffixes.
  #* This will remove underscores from the meta_data codings and return the 
  #* meta_data so that it matches the records suffixes.
  oldCoding <- strsplit(x = .checkbox$select_choices_or_calculations, 
                        " [|] ")
  newCoding <- lapply(X = oldCoding, 
                      FUN = function(x) do.call(what = "rbind", 
                                                args = strsplit(x, ", ")))
  newCoding <- lapply(X = newCoding, 
                      FUN = function(x)
                          x[, 1] <- gsub(pattern = "_", 
                                         replacement = "", 
                                         x = x[,1])
  newCoding <- lapply(X = newCoding, 
                      FUN = apply, 
                      MARGIN = 1, 
                      collapse=", ")
  newCodingStr <- sapply(X = newCoding, 
                         FUN = paste, 
                         collapse = " | ")
  if (export) meta_data$select_choices_or_calculations[meta_data$field_type == "checkbox"] <- newCodingStr
  field_names <- cbind(rep(x = meta_data$field_name[meta_data$field_type == "checkbox"], 
                           sapply(X = oldCoding, 
                                  FUN = length)), 
                       gsub(pattern = ",[[:print:]]+", 
                            replacement = "", 
                            x = unlist(oldCoding)), 
                       gsub(pattern = ",[[:print:]]+", 
                            replacement = "", 
                            x = unlist(newCoding)))
  field_names <- cbind(paste(field_names[, 1], 
                             field_names[, 2], 
                       paste(field_names[, 1], 
                             field_names[, 3], 
  attr(meta_data, "checkbox_field_name_map") <- field_names

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