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3D Visualization Using OpenGL

3dobjectsadd primitive set shape
abclinesLines intersecting the bounding box
addNormalsAdd normal vectors to objects so they render more smoothly.
ageControlSet attributes of vertices based on their age.
ageSetterSet WebGL scene properties based on the age of components of...
arc3dDraw arcs.
arrow3dDraw an arrow in a scene.
as.mesh3d.ashape3dConvert alpha-shape surface of a cloud of points to mesh3d...
as.mesh3d.defaultConvert object to mesh object
as.mesh3d.rglIdConvert object in plot to mesh3d object.
aspect3dSet the aspect ratios of the current plot
asRowConvenience functions for rgl HTML layouts
as.triangles3dConvert an object to triangles.
attributesGet information about shapes
axes3dDraw boxes, axes and other text outside the data
bboxSet up Bounding Box decoration
bgSet up Background
bgplot3dUse base graphics for RGL background
callbacksUser callbacks on mouse events
check3dCheck for an open rgl window.
clipMesh3dClip mesh or 'rgl' object to general region
clipplaneControlSets attributes of a clipping plane.
contourLines3dDraw contours on a surface.
cylinder3dCreate cylindrical or "tube" plots.
elementId2PrefixUse widget with old-style controls.
ellipse3dMake an ellipsoid
extrude3dGenerate extrusion mesh
figWidthGet R Markdown figure dimensions in pixels.
GramSchmidtThe Gram-Schmidt algorithm
grid3dAdd a grid to a 3D plot
identify3dIdentify points in plot.
importImported from magrittr
lightadd light source
makeDependencyProcess Javascript for HTML dependency.
materialGeneric Appearance setup
matricesWork with homogeneous coordinates
merge.mesh3dMerge '"mesh3d"' objects.
mergeVerticesMerge duplicate vertices in mesh object
mesh3d3D Mesh objects
mfrow3dSet up multiple figure layouts in rgl.
observer3dSet the observer location.
open3dRGL Display Functions
par3dSet or Query RGL Parameters
par3dinterpInterpolator for par3d parameters
par3dinterpControlControl rgl widget like par3dinterp().
pch3dPlot symbols similar to base graphics.
persp3dSurface plots
persp3d.deldirPlot a Delaunay triangulation.
persp3d.functionPlot a function of two variables
persp3d.triPlot an interp or tripack Delaunay triangulation.
planesadd planes
play3dPlay animation of rgl scene
playwidgetAdd a widget to play animations.
plot3d3D Scatterplot
plot3d.formulaMethods for formulas
plot3d.lmMethod for plotting simple linear fit.
plotmath3dGenerate sprites using base graphics math plotting.
polygon3dTriangulate and draw a polygon in three dimensions.
postscriptexport screenshot
primitiveadd primitive set shape
propertyControlControls to use with playwidget().
propertySetterObsolete function to write HTML/Javascript code to control a...
r3dGeneric 3D interface
readSTLRead and write STL (stereolithography) format files
rgl.attrib.infoGet information about attributes of objects
rgl.bringtotopAssign focus to an RGL window
rglIdsrgl id values
rgl.initInitializing rgl
rgl-internalInternal rgl functions and data
rglMouseGenerate HTML code to select mouse mode.
rgl.open3D visualization device system
rgl-package3D visualization device system
rgl.pixelsExtract pixel information from window
rgl.selectSwitch to select mode, and return the mouse position...
rglSharedCreate shared data from an rgl object.
rgl.SweaveIntegrating 'rgl' with 'Sweave'
rglToLatticeConvert rgl userMatrix to lattice or base angles
rgl.useNULLReport default use of null device.
rgl.user2windowConvert between rgl user and window coordinates
rglwidgetAn htmlwidget to hold an rgl scene.
scenescene management
scene3dSaves the current scene to a variable, and displays such...
sceneChangeMake large change to a scene from Shiny
select3dSelect a rectangle in an RGL scene
selectpoints3dSelect points from a scene
setGraphicsDelaySet a one-time slowdown on opening standard graphics
setupKnitrDisplaying 'rgl' scenes in 'knitr' documents.
setUserShadersSet user-defined shaders for 'rgl' objects.
shapelist3dCreate and plot a list of shapes
shinyFunctions for integration of 'rglwidget' into Shiny app.
shinyGetPar3dCommunicate rgl parameters between R and Javascript in Shiny.
show2dDraw a 2D plot on a rectangle in a 3D scene.
snapshotexport screenshot
spheresadd sphere set shape
spin3dCreate a function to spin a scene at a fixed rate
spritesadd sprite set shape
subdivision3dgeneric subdivision surface method
subscene3dCreate, select or modify a subscene.
subsceneInfoGet information on subscenes
surfaceadd height-field surface shape
surface3dadd height-field surface shape
textsadd text
thigmophobe3dFind the direction away from the closest point in a 3d...
tkpar3dsaveModal dialog for saving par3d settings
tkrgltkrgl functions
tkspin3dCreate TCL/TK controller for rgl window
tkspinControlCreate a spin control in a TCL/TK window
toggleWidgetAn HTML widget to toggle display of elements of a scene.
triangulateTriangulate a two-dimensional polygon.
turn3dCreate a solid of rotation from a two-dimensional curve.
vertexControlSet attributes of vertices.
viewpointSet up viewpoint
webGLcontrolsObsolete functions to write HTML/Javascript code to control a...
writeASYWrite Asymptote code for an rgl scene
writeOBJRead and write Wavefront OBJ format files
writePLYWrite Stanford PLY format files
writeWebGLWrite scene to HTML.
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