ritis: Integrated Taxonomic Information System Client

An interface to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System ('ITIS') (<https://www.itis.gov>). Includes functions to work with the 'ITIS' REST 'API' methods (<https://www.itis.gov/ws_description.html>), as well as the 'Solr' web service (<https://www.itis.gov/solr_documentation.html>).

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AuthorScott Chamberlain [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-10-13 00:02:09
MaintainerScott Chamberlain <myrmecocystus@gmail.com>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

accepted_names: Get accepted names from tsn

any_match_count: Get any match count.

comment_detail: Get comment detail from TSN

common_names: Get common names from tsn

core_metadata: Get core metadata from tsn

coverage: Get coverge from tsn

credibility: Get credibility rating from tsn

currency: Get currency from tsn

date_data: Get date data from tsn

description: Get description of the ITIS service

experts: Get expert information for the TSN.

full_record: Get full record from TSN or lsid

geographic_divisions: Get geographic divisions from tsn

geographic_values: Get all possible geographic values

global_species_completeness: Get global species completeness from tsn

hierarchy: Get hierarchy down from tsn

itis_facet: ITIS Solr facet

itis_group: ITIS Solr group search

itis_highlight: ITIS Solr highlight

itis_search: ITIS Solr search

jurisdiction: Get jurisdictional origin from tsn

kingdoms: Get kingdom names from tsn

last_change_date: Provides the date the ITIS database was last updated

lsid2tsn: Gets the TSN corresponding to the LSID, or an empty result if...

other_sources: Returns a list of the other sources used for the TSN.

parent_tsn: Returns the parent TSN for the entered TSN.

publications: Returns a list of the pulications used for the TSN.

rank_name: Returns the kingdom and rank information for the TSN.

rank_names: Provides a list of all the unique rank names contained in the...

record: Gets a record from an LSID

review_year: Returns the review year for the TSN.

ritis-package: Interface to Integrated Taxonomic Information (ITIS)

scientific_name: Returns the scientific name for the TSN. Also returns the...

search_anymatch: Search for any match

search_any_match_paged: Search for any matched page

search_common: Search for tsn by common name

search_scientific: Search by scientific name

solr: ITIS Solr Methods

synonym_names: Returns a list of the synonyms (if any) for the TSN.

taxon_authorship: Returns the author information for the TSN.

terms: Get ITIS terms, i.e., tsn's, authors, common names, and...

tsn2lsid: Gets the unique LSID for the TSN, or an empty result if there...

tsn_by_vernacular_language: Get tsn by vernacular language

unacceptability_reason: Returns the unacceptability reason, if any, for the TSN.

usage: Returns the usage information for the TSN.

vernacular_languages: Provides a list of the unique languages used in the...


accepted_names Man page
any_match_count Man page
comment_detail Man page
common_names Man page
core_metadata Man page
coverage Man page
credibility Man page
credibility_rating Man page
credibility_ratings Man page
currency Man page
date_data Man page
description Man page
experts Man page
full_record Man page
geographic_divisions Man page
geographic_values Man page
global_species_completeness Man page
hierarchy Man page
hierarchy_down Man page
hierarchy_full Man page
hierarchy_up Man page
itis_facet Man page
itis_group Man page
itis_highlight Man page
itis_search Man page
jurisdiction Man page
jurisdictional_origin Man page
jurisdiction_origin_values Man page
jurisdiction_values Man page
kingdom_name Man page
kingdom_names Man page
kingdoms Man page
last_change_date Man page
lsid2tsn Man page
other_sources Man page
parent_tsn Man page
publications Man page
rank_name Man page
rank_names Man page
record Man page
review_year Man page
ritis Man page
ritis-package Man page
scientific_name Man page
search_anymatch Man page
search_any_match_paged Man page
search_common Man page
search_scientific Man page
solr Man page
synonym_names Man page
taxon_authorship Man page
terms Man page
tsn2lsid Man page
tsn_by_vernacular_language Man page
unacceptability_reason Man page
usage Man page
vernacular_languages Man page


tests/testthat/test-jurisdiction.R tests/testthat/test-itis_group.R tests/testthat/test-itis_search.R tests/testthat/test-hierarchy.R tests/testthat/test-search_scientific.R tests/testthat/test-search_common.R tests/testthat/test-itis_highlight.R tests/testthat/test-publications.R tests/testthat/helper.R tests/testthat/test-any_match_count.R tests/testthat/test-record.R tests/testthat/test-kingdoms.R tests/testthat/test-itis_facet.R tests/test-all.R
R/search_any_match_paged.R R/core_metadata.R R/currency.R R/last_change_date.R R/solr.R R/search_common.R R/accepted_names.R R/comment_detail.R R/rank_name.R R/vernacular_languages.R R/any_match_count.R R/common_names.R R/taxon_authorship.R R/other_sources.R R/rank_names.R R/global_species_completeness.R R/usage.R R/date_data.R R/search_anymatch.R R/scientific_name.R R/parent_tsn.R R/kingdoms.R R/tsn_by_vernacular_language.R R/coverage.R R/description.R R/jurisdiction.R R/ritis-package.R R/credibility.R R/search_scientific.R R/itis_search.R R/unacceptability_reason.R R/terms.R R/review_year.R R/tsn2lsid.R R/hierarchy.R R/geographic_values.R R/publications.R R/geographic_divisions.R R/itis_highlight.R R/itis_facet.R R/lsid2tsn.R R/experts.R R/zzz.R R/itis_group.R R/record.R R/full_record.R R/synonym_names.R
man/search_any_match_paged.Rd man/itis_search.Rd man/search_common.Rd man/rank_names.Rd man/description.Rd man/taxon_authorship.Rd man/ritis-package.Rd man/parent_tsn.Rd man/publications.Rd man/geographic_divisions.Rd man/comment_detail.Rd man/credibility.Rd man/lsid2tsn.Rd man/date_data.Rd man/vernacular_languages.Rd man/solr.Rd man/global_species_completeness.Rd man/coverage.Rd man/itis_group.Rd man/unacceptability_reason.Rd man/synonym_names.Rd man/rank_name.Rd man/hierarchy.Rd man/other_sources.Rd man/currency.Rd man/record.Rd man/accepted_names.Rd man/tsn_by_vernacular_language.Rd man/full_record.Rd man/kingdoms.Rd man/jurisdiction.Rd man/experts.Rd man/geographic_values.Rd man/itis_highlight.Rd man/core_metadata.Rd man/search_anymatch.Rd man/terms.Rd man/last_change_date.Rd man/any_match_count.Rd man/usage.Rd man/tsn2lsid.Rd man/scientific_name.Rd man/review_year.Rd man/itis_facet.Rd man/search_scientific.Rd man/common_names.Rd

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