Man pages for ritis
Integrated Taxonomic Information System Client

accepted_namesGet accepted names from tsn
any_match_countGet any match count.
comment_detailGet comment detail from TSN
common_namesGet common names from tsn
core_metadataGet core metadata from tsn
coverageGet coverge from tsn
credibilityGet credibility rating from tsn
currencyGet currency from tsn
date_dataGet date data from tsn
descriptionGet description of the ITIS service
expertsGet expert information for the TSN.
full_recordGet full record from TSN or lsid
geographic_divisionsGet geographic divisions from tsn
geographic_valuesGet all possible geographic values
global_species_completenessGet global species completeness from tsn
hierarchyGet hierarchy down from tsn
itis_facetITIS Solr facet
itis_groupITIS Solr group search
itis_highlightITIS Solr highlight
itis_searchITIS Solr search
jurisdictionGet jurisdictional origin from tsn
kingdomsGet kingdom names from tsn
last_change_dateProvides the date the ITIS database was last updated
lsid2tsnGets the TSN corresponding to the LSID, or an empty result if...
other_sourcesReturns a list of the other sources used for the TSN.
parent_tsnReturns the parent TSN for the entered TSN.
publicationsReturns a list of the pulications used for the TSN.
rank_nameReturns the kingdom and rank information for the TSN.
rank_namesProvides a list of all the unique rank names contained in the...
recordGets a record from an LSID
review_yearReturns the review year for the TSN.
ritis-packageInterface to Integrated Taxonomic Information (ITIS)
scientific_nameReturns the scientific name for the TSN. Also returns the...
search_anymatchSearch for any match
search_any_match_pagedSearch for any matched page
search_commonSearch for tsn by common name
search_scientificSearch by scientific name
solrITIS Solr Methods
synonym_namesReturns a list of the synonyms (if any) for the TSN.
taxon_authorshipReturns the author information for the TSN.
termsGet ITIS terms, i.e., tsn's, authors, common names, and...
tsn2lsidGets the unique LSID for the TSN, or an empty result if there...
tsn_by_vernacular_languageGet tsn by vernacular language
unacceptability_reasonReturns the unacceptability reason, if any, for the TSN.
usageReturns the usage information for the TSN.
vernacular_languagesProvides a list of the unique languages used in the...
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