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This class really provides the functional building block for piecing inclusion zones together into the final sampling surface object. These functions should not be required by the casual user of this package, but will be required for writing extensions for new methods as they are added. Basically, the class defines a subgrid that just encapsulates an "InclusionZone" object. Attribute values (e.g., volume) are assigned to the subgrid cells falling within the inclusion zone of the object, with zero values outside the zone. This subgrid is aligned to the overall tract grid in the constructor, and upon return, can be "heaped" or "piled" additively onto the "Tract" object to develop the sampling surface.

In order to make a complete enumeration of the chainsaw method under Protocol 1 of Gove and Van Deusen (2011), we need an extension to this class. The subclass "csFullInclusionZoneGrid" should be consulted for such tasks.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("InclusionZoneGrid", ...). However, this is not recommended because the objects are fairly complex. Instead, one can use the object constructor izGrid to create new objects. More details are found in "The InclusionZoneGrid Class" vignette.



Object of class "character": A description of the object if desired.


Object of class "InclusionZone": An object of one of the "InclusionZone" subclasses such as "standUpIZ."


Object of class "RasterLayer": This is the minimal encompassing grid that must be aligned to a "Tract" object's extents in order to build a sampling surface.


Object of class "data.frame": A data frame holding the values for each of the per unit area estimates available in the “InclusionZone” object in the columns, with rows matching grid cells.


Object of class "matrix": The overall bounding box for the object, which includes the inclusion zone and the “Stem” subclass object plus the grid. Sometimes the inclusion zone itself includes the stem (e.g., the sausage method), but other times it does not (e.g., chainsaw method). This is used primarily in graphing the object.



signature(obj = "InclusionZoneGrid"): Get encompasing bbox


signature(izgObject = "InclusionZoneGrid", tract = "Tract"): Heap to form a sampling surface


signature(x = "InclusionZoneGrid", y = "missing"): Plot the grid


signature(object = "InclusionZoneGrid"): Show object information


signature(object = "InclusionZoneGrid"): Show grid summary


Jeffrey H. Gove


Gove, J. H. and Van Deusen, P. C. 2011. On fixed-area plot sampling for downed coarse woody debris. Forestry. Forestry 84:109–117.

See Also

InclusionZone, Stem, Tract, sampSurf, csFullInclusionZoneGrid, mirageInclusionZoneGrid



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