Man pages for smerc
Statistical Methods for Regional Counts

bn.testBesag-Newell Test
casewinDetermine case windows (circles)
color.clustersColor clusters
dmst.testDynamic minimum spanning tree scan test
dmst.zonesDetermine zones using the dynamic minimum spanning tree scan...
dweightsDistance-based weights
flex.testFlexibly Shaped Spatial Scan Test
flex.zonesDetermine zones for flexibly shaped spatial scan test
mlf.testMaxima Likelihood First Scan Test
mlf.zonesDetermine the candidate zone using the maxima likelihood...
nnpopDetermine nearest neighbors
nydfLeukemia data for 281 regions in New York.
nypolySpatialPolygonsDataFrame for New York leukemia data.
nywAdjacency matrix for New York leukemia data.
plot.scanPlots object of class 'scan'.
plot.tangoPlots an object of class 'tango'.
scan.statScan Statistic
scan.testSpatial Scan Test
scan.zonesDetermine zones for spatial scan test
tango.statTango's statistic
tango.testTango's cluster detection test
uls.testUpper Level Set Spatial Scan Test
uls.zonesDetermine sequence of ULS zones.
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