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# Copyright 2001-2019 by Nicholas Lewin-Koh and Roger Bivand

gabrielneigh <- function(coords, nnmult=3) {
    if (inherits(coords, "SpatialPoints")) {
        if (!is.na(is.projected(coords)) && !is.projected(coords)) {
            warning("gabrielneigh: coordinates should be planar")
        coords <- coordinates(coords)
    } else if (inherits(coords, "sfc")) {
        if (!inherits(coords, "sfc_POINT"))
            stop("Point geometries required")
        if (attr(coords, "n_empty") > 0L) 
            stop("Empty geometries found")
        if (!is.na(sf::st_is_longlat(coords)) && sf::st_is_longlat(coords))
            warning("gabrielneigh: coordinates should be planar")
        coords <- sf::st_coordinates(coords)
    x <- coords
    if (!is.matrix(x)) stop("Data not in matrix form")
    if (any(is.na(x))) stop("Data cannot include NAs")
    np <- nrow(x)
    if(ncol(x)!=2) stop("Planar graphs only work in 2d")
    ngaballoc <- np*nnmult
    nogab <- 0
    storage.mode(x) <- "double"
    z <- .C("compute_gabriel", np=as.integer(np), from=as.integer(g1),
             to=as.integer(g2), nedges=as.integer(nogab), 
             ngaballoc=as.integer(ngaballoc), x=x[,1], 
             y=x[,2], PACKAGE="spdep")
    attr(z, "call") <- match.call()

plot.Gabriel<-function(x, show.points=FALSE, add=FALSE,
                       linecol=par(col), ...)
  if(!add) plot(x$x,x$y,type='n',...)
  segments(x$x[x$from], x$y[x$from],
           x$x[x$to], x$y[x$to], col=linecol)
  if(show.points) points(x$x,x$y)

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