change_tail_compression: Replace tail compression value for length composition data.

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This function replaces the tail compression value for length composition data in a .dat file that was read in using SS_readdat with those specified in tail_compression. It then writes a new file with name dat_file_out into the working directory. If used with run_ss3sim the case file should be named tail_compression. A suggested case letter is T.


change_tail_compression(tail_compression, dat_list, outfile = NULL)



*The new tail_compression value to be used. Must be a numeric value, as a proportion. For example 0.1 means 10 percent. See the SS3 manual for further information. A NULL value indicates no action, a negative value indicates to SS3 to ignore it (not use that feature).


An SS data list object as read in from SS_readdat in the r4ss package. Make sure you select option section=2.


A character string specifying the file name to use when writing the information to the disk. The string must include the proper file extension. No file is written using the default value of NULL, which leads to increased speed because writing the file takes time and computing resources.


A modified SS3 .dat file, and that file returned invisibly (for testing) as a vector of character lines.

Which arguments to specifiy in case files

All function argument descriptions that start with an asterisk (*) will be passed through the case files to run_ss3sim. If one of these arguments is not specified in a case file, then a value of NULL will be passed, which may or may not be an appropriate value. Other arguments will be ignored if specified.


Cole Monnahan

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