get_results_all: Extract SS3 simulation output

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This high level function extracts results from SS3 model runs. Give it a directory which contains directories for different "scenario" runs, within which are replicates and potentially bias adjustment runs. It writes two data.frames to file: one for single scalar values (e.g. MSY) and a second that contains output for each year of the same model (timeseries, e.g. biomass(year)). These can always be joined later.


get_results_all(directory = getwd(), overwrite_files = FALSE,
  user_scenarios = NULL, parallel = FALSE)



The directory which contains scenario folders with results.


A switch to determine if existing files should be overwritten, useful for testing purposes or if new replicates are run.


A character vector of scenarios that should be read in. Default is NULL, which indicates find all scenario folders in directory.


Should the function be run on multiple cores? You will need to set up parallel processing as shown in run_ss3sim.


Creates two .csv files in the current working directory: ss3sim_ts.csv and ss3sim_scalar.csv.


Cole Monnahan, Merrill Rudd

See Also

Other get-results: get_results_derived, get_results_scalar, get_results_scenario, get_results_timeseries

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