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An image is a graphic representation of something (e.g photo or illustration). The borders have been added to these examples in order to help visualize empty space in the image frame.

For more details and examples visit the official docs. The R package cannot handle each and every case, so for advanced use cases you need to work using the original docs to achieve the desired result.





Props to pass to the component. The allowed props are listed below in the Details section.


  • className string
    Additional css class to apply to the Component

  • coverStyle ImageCoverStyle
    Specifies the cover style to be used for this image. If not specified, this will be dynamically calculated based on the aspect ratio for the image.

  • errorSrc string
    Deprecated at v1.3.6, to replace the src in case of errors, use onLoadingStateChange instead and rerender the Image with a difference src.

  • imageFit ImageFit
    Used to determine how the image is scaled and cropped to fit the frame.

  • maximizeFrame boolean
    If true, the image frame will expand to fill its parent container.

  • onLoadingStateChange ⁠(loadState: ImageLoadState) => void⁠
    Optional callback method for when the image load state has changed. The 'loadState' parameter indicates the current state of the Image.

  • shouldFadeIn boolean
    If true, fades the image in when loaded.

  • shouldStartVisible boolean
    If true, the image starts as visible and is hidden on error. Otherwise, the image is hidden until it is successfully loaded. This disables shouldFadeIn.

  • styles ⁠IStyleFunctionOrObject<IImageStyleProps, IImageStyles>⁠
    Call to provide customized styling that will layer on top of the variant rules

  • theme ITheme
    Theme provided by HOC.


Object with shiny.tag class suitable for use in the UI of a Shiny app.



ui <- function(id) {
  ns <- NS(id)
  Image(src = "")

server <- function(id) {
  moduleServer(id, function(input, output, session) {})

if (interactive()) {
  shinyApp(ui("app"), function(input, output) server("app"))

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