Man pages for PF2-pasteur-fr/SARTools
Statistical Analysis of RNA-Seq Tools

barplotNullPercentage of null counts per sample
barplotTotalTotal number of reads per sample
BCVPlotBCV plot (for edgeR dispersions)
cairoSizeWrapperCairo Size Wrapper
checkParameters.DESeq2Check the parameters (when using DESeq2)
checkParameters.edgeRCheck the parameters (when using edgeR)
clusterPlotClustering of the samples
countsBoxplotsBox-plots of (normalized) counts distribution per sample
densityPlotDensity plot of all samples
descriptionPlotsDescription plots of the counts
diagSizeFactorsPlotsAssess the estimations of the size factors
dispersionsPlotPlots about DESeq2 dispersions
exploreCountsExplore counts structure
exportResults.DESeq2Export results for DESeq2 analyses
exportResults.edgeRExport results for edgeR analyses
loadCountDataLoad count files
loadTargetFileLoad target file
majSequencesMost expressed sequences per sample
MDSPlotMDS plot (for edgeR objects)
nDiffTotalNumber of differentially expressed features per comparison
pairwiseScatterPlotsScatter plots for pairwise comparaisons of log counts
PCAPlotPCA of samples (if use of DESeq2)
rawpHistHistograms of raw p-values
removeNullRemove features with null counts in all samples
run.DESeq2Wrapper to run DESeq2
run.edgeRWrapper to run edgeR
SARTools-packageStatistical Analysis of RNA-Seq Tools
SEREPairwise SERE for two samples
summarizeResults.DESeq2Summarize DESeq2 analysis
summarizeResults.edgeRSummarize edgeR analysis
tabIndepFilteringTable of the number of features discarded by the independent...
tabSERESERE statistics for several samples
volcanoPlotVolcano plots
writeReport.DESeq2Write HTML report for DESeq2 analyses
writeReport.edgeRWrite HTML report for edgeR analyses
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