par-methods: jitter

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Function to take a par file and change the values within based on an input SD to allow to perform a jittering analysis for a model in MFCL This probably only works for a single species model and has not been coded to be useable by the multispecies model


jitter(par, sd, seed)



An object of class MFCLPar


This function is still preliminary and in development. Currently things that are not completed includin those below new orthogonal coefficients extra fisheries pars except for 1,2,4 length based selectivity parameters selectivity deviates mean natural mortality and deviates/ functional forms growth curve deviates ??? different from von Bertalannfy growth deviates which is accounted for Seasonal griwth parameter age dependent movement coefficients nonlinear movement coefficients

Probably others that I didn't notice or don't have any idea about such as the Lagrangian


An object of class MFCLPar

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