tag.data.preparation: Prepare data for tagging plots

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tag.data.preparationR Documentation

Prepare data for tagging plots


The data required for the tagging plots are in different sources (temporary_tag_report, tag files, par files). This function pulls the data together into a single data.frame to be passed to the tag plotting functions.


tag.data.preparation(tagrep, tagobs, par, fishery.map)



A data.frame of tag returns from the temporary_tag_returns file. The output from the FLR4MFCL function read.temporary_tag_report().


An object of type MFCLTag.


An object of MFCLPar that contains the effort deviations.


A data.frame that describes which fishery is fishing in which region and with which gear. The columns are: fishery_name, region, gear, fishery (the reference number), tag_recapture_group and tag_recapture_name. The map should contain entries for all fisheries to avoid data being inadvertently dropped.

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