get_capl: Compute all CAPL-2 scores and interpretations at once.

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Compute all CAPL-2 scores and interpretations at once.


This function is the main function in the capl package. It is a wrapper function that calls all other capl functions to compute all CAPL-2 scores and interpretations from raw data at once. If required CAPL-2 variables are missing, the function will create the variables and set values for these variables to NA so the function can proceed.


get_capl(raw_data = NULL, sort = "asis", version = 2)



A data frame of raw CAPL-2 data.


An optional character vector representing how the variables in the returned data frame are to be sorted (valid values are "asis, "abc" and "zyx"; valid values are not case-sensitive). This argument is set to "asis" by default.


An optional numeric (integer) vector representing the version of CAPL. This argument is set to 2 by default. If set to 1, get_fill_in_the_blanks_score() will ignore the when_cooling_down parameter and re-weight the score so that it's out of six.


Other capl functions called by this function include: get_missing_capl_variables(), get_pacer_20m_laps(), get_pacer_score(), get_capl_interpretation(), get_plank_score(), get_camsa_time_score(), get_camsa_skill_time_score(), get_camsa_score(), get_pc_score(), get_capl_domain_status(), get_pedometer_wear_time(), validate_steps(), get_step_average(), get_step_score(), get_self_report_pa_score(), get_db_score(), get_predilection_score(), get_adequacy_score(), get_intrinsic_motivation_score(), get_pa_competence_score(), get_mc_score(), get_binary_score(), get_fill_in_the_blanks_score(), get_ku_score() and get_capl_score()


Returns a merged data frame of raw data and CAPL-2 scores and interpretations.



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