Man pages for grafab/pergola
Toolbox for Polyploid Genetic Data

addOffsetAdd offset
allTreesCreates all trees for distance
basesToGenotypesTransform bases into genotypes
calcRecRecombination frequencies computation
calcSarfCalculates the SARF value of given input.
calcSarfDistCalculates SARF
findChrFind most equal chromosome in other map
getLeavesLeaves from subtree
getNodeGet Node for leave
getSubtreeSubtrees from tree
makeAltOrdCreates vectors with highly distant neighbors
makeTangleCreate a gray scale tanglegram
mapToDendTransforming a map into a dendrogram
pairwRFPairwise recombination frequency calculation
pergolaToolbox for polyploid genetic data
plotChrPlotting one or two linkage maps
plotRfPlot recombination frequencies
pullMapCreates map object
sarfExtExtends SARF criterion to neighborhood
shuffleInputRandomize marker order and alleles within samples
simHexaHexaploid F2 population
simTetraTetraploid F2 population
sortLeafsChromosome wise leaf ordering
splitChrSplit markers into chromosomes
swapChrsSwap chromosomes
switchChrSwitch Chromosomes
switchChrsSwitch Chromosomes
switchEntriesSwitches entries in hclust object
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