Man pages for hemberg-lab/scfind
A search tool for single cell RNA-seq data by gene lists

buildCellTypeIndexBuilds an 'SCFind' object from a 'SingleCellExperiment'...
cell.type.markerFind marker genes for a specific cell type TODO(the genes can...
cellTypeMarkersreturn all the gene markers for a specified cell.type
cell.types.phyper.testRuns a query and performs the hypergeometric test for the...
evaluate.cell.type.markersEvaluate a user specific query by calculating the precision...
findCellTypesqueries cells that contain all the genes from the list
find.marker.genesQuery Optimization Function for SCFind objects.
get.cell.types.namesReturn a vector with all existing cell type names in the...
loadObjectGeneric to be used instead of readRDS
markerGenesPerforms query optimization and return the best candidate...
mergeDatasetMerges an external index into the existing object
mergeIndicesmerge two elias fano indices
mergeSCEMerges a SingleCellExperiment object into the SCFind index
queryGenequeries cells that contain the genes from the list#
saveObjectGeneric to be used instead of saveRDS
scfindMinimal Rcpp Module Example
SCFind-classThe scfind main class object
scfindGenesGet all genes in the database all genes in the database
scfind.interactiveOpens 'scfind' index in an interactive session in a web...
scfindShinyServerThe scfind server method
server.scfindServer handler for scfind
ui.scfindUI handler for the shiny front end of scfind
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