Man pages for jmonlong/sveval
SV evaluation

annotateOlAnnotate SVs from overlap
checkInvSeqCheck if variants could be inversions
estTrimSizeEstimate the amount of sequence to right-trim
evalOlCompute FP, FN, TP
filterSVsFilter SVs for size and regions of interest
findNocallsFind no-calls variants
ivg_svInteractive exploration of SVs in a variation graph
mergeHetsMerge heterozygous variants
olInsertionsOverlap calls and truth set for insertions
olRangesOverlap SVs as ranges (for deletions and inversions)
plot_persizeRecall, precision, F1 per SV size
plot_prcurveCreate precision-recall graphs
prfCompute precision, recall and F1 score
readSVvcfRead SVs from a VCF file
stitchSVsStitch fragmented SVs
svevalOlSV evaluation based on overlap and variant size
sveval-packageSV evaluation
svOverlapOverlap and annotate SV sets with coverage metrics
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