Man pages for mar-esther23/rgriffin
Gene Regulatory Interaction Formulator For Inquiring Networks

addGqueryAttractorsAdd target attractors to a Griffin query.
addGqueryCycleAdd target cycle to a Griffin query.
addGqueryMutantAdd mutant with attractors to a Griffin query.
addGqueryProhibitedAttractorsAdd prohibited attractors to a Griffin query.
addGquerySteadyStatesAdd target steady-state attractors to a Griffin query.
addGqueryTransitionAdd a transition between two states to a Griffin query.
addGqueryTrapspaceAdd a trapspace to a Griffin query.
attractorToDataframeConvert a BoolNet attractor to dataframe.
boolnetModelIteratorIterates over griffin controller to return string networks
createGqueryGraphCreate a Griffin query.
dataframeToAttractorConvert a data frame with nodes displayed in Boolean format...
dot-onLoadInitialize jvm
getBasinsObtain the attractors and basins from a BoolNet network using...
getInteractionSignDetermine the sign of the interaction between two elements of...
getNetTopologyReturns the topology with signs of a network
griffinModelIteratorIterates over griffin controller to return string networks
initGriffinInitialize the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and create a...
int2binStateConvert integer to binary state vector with node names. '
print.jobjRefprint query
runGqueryRun a Griffin query from an interaction graph.
stringToBoolnetCreate a BoolNet net from a string
validateStatesCheck if the states are of the correct size, order,...
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