Man pages for pdiakumis/rock
Rocking R at UMCCR

bedval2igvExport BED values for IGV Viewing
cat_namesNames of awesome cats
circos_prepGenerate Perl Circos Plot Files
cnv2igvExport CNV Segments for IGV Viewing
cnvkit_depth2igvWrite CNVkit cnr to wig
helloSay Hello to My Little Friend(s)
pipePipe operator
plot_circosGenerate Perl Circos Plot
plot_circos_bafGenerate Perl Circos PURPLE BAF Plot
plot_ideogramGenerate Ideogram Plot
plot_pianoGenerate Piano Plot
prep_cnv_circosPrepare CNV Segments for Perl Circos
prep_cnvkit_segRead CNVkit CNV Segments
prep_facets_segRead FACETS CNV Segments
prep_manta_vcfPrepare Manta VCF for Circos
prep_manta_vcf2Prepare Manta VCF for Perl Circos
prep_purple_segRead PURPLE CNV Segments
prep_titan_segRead TitanCNA CNV Segments
prep_truth_segRead HCC2218 CNV Truth Set
read_cnvRead CNVkit, FACETS, PURPLE or TitanCNA CNV Segments
read_manta_vcfRead Manta VCF
rock-packagerock: Rocking R at UMCCR
stampPrint current timestamp
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
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