Dose-Response Box-Plots

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Plots a continuous value for each well as a function of an amount of a substance and make boxplots for all replicates at a given amount. Note that this is deprecated, and plots with error bars can be generated instead by function doseResponse.


3, wells, val, amount = "amount",
  substance = "substance", color = "color", na.y = 0, ylim,
  xnum = FALSE, xlab, ylab)



a plate layout map with columns amount and some calculated value in column val, eg. results from grofit or growthrates


a list of well IDs to be used in the plot


the name of a column in map containing numeric values that should be plotted on y-axis


the name of a column in map providing numeric values that should be plotted on x-axis, typically a substance added to wells in multiple replicates; the default value "amount" is automatically generated from appropriate plate layout files by link{readPlateMap}


the name of a column in map providing the names of the substance in amount, used as x-axis label; if it doesn't correspond to a column, its value is directly used as label


the name of a column in map providing colors for each well; NOTE, that wells with the same amount should have the same color, only the first color for a given amount is used; Colors are automatically assigned from a color ramp mapped to the numerical range of amount by link{readPlateMap}


value to be used to plot replicates with NA in column val; set to NA to supress plotting


limits of the y-axis


use numerical x-axis instead of default categorical


alternative label for the x-axis, default is to use argument substance, or if this is a column in map, the substance indicated there


alternative label for the y-axis, default is to use argument val

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