Man pages for raim/platexpress
Inspection and Analysis of Microbial Growth and Gene Expression Data

addDataAdd Data
addModelAdd fits from various growth model interfaces to plate data...
addModel.dpseglAdd results from 'dpseg_plate' to 'platexpress' object.
addModel.gcFitAdd results from 'grofit_plate' to 'platexpress' object.
addModel.multiple_fitsAdd results from package 'growthrates' to 'platexpress'...
addModel.segmentedlAdd results from 'segmented_plate' to 'platexpress' object.
adjustBaseAdjusts to Minimal Base
amountColorsAdd Amount Colors
ap12dataap12data. data by Dennis Dienst and Alice Pawloski, incl. the...
ap12plateap12plate. example plate layout map by Dennis Dienst and...
arrows_plateDraw arrows of growth phases.
bandwidthCV.2hack of the cellGrowth package function 'bandwidthCV' to work...
boxDataBox-Plots of Data Ranges
correctBlanksSubtract Blank Values
cutDataCut Data Range
data2grofitinterface to package 'grofit'
data2growthratesinterface to package 'growthrates'
doseResponseDose-Response Plots with Error Bars
doseResponse.boxDose-Response Box-Plots
dpseg_plateCall 'dpseg' for selected wells.
findWavelengthFind Wavelength in Spectrum
fitCellGrowths.2batch wrapper for fitCellGrowth TODO: align in/out with...
gcFit.2hack of grofit function 'gcFit' to allow plotting even when...
getDataGet Data
getGroupsGet Groups of Replicates
getWellsGet List of Wells
grofit.2.controlwrapper of grofit function 'grofit.control' which adds the...
grofit_platehigh-level wrapper for 'grofit'
grofitResultsparse 'grofit' results
groupColorsGroup Colors
groupStatsGroup Statistics
growthratesResultsparse fitted parameters from package 'growthrates'
grpredict'predict' hack for 'growthrates' fits
image_platePlot a heatmap of 'platexpress' data.
interpolatePlateDataInterpolate Plate Data
interpolatePlateTimesInterpolate to Common Timepoints
maMoving Average
mergeResultsmerge results to plate layout map
parseAmountsParse Amount Strings
platexpressplatexpress: quick inspection and analysis of microbial...
plotdevSelect Plot Device
plotWavelengthPlot Wavelength in Spectrum
prettyDataSet Data IDs and colors
readBMG2PlateRead BMG Optima/MARS vXXX Plate Data
readBMGPlateRead BMG Optima/MARS vR3.01 R2 Plate Data
readExperimentHigh-level interface of 'platexpress'
readPlateDataRead Plate Data
readPlateMapRead Plate Layout Map
readPlateMap.oldRead Plate Layout Map
readSimplePlateRead Simple Plate Data Tables
readSynergyPlateRead Synergy Mx Plate Data
replaceAmountsNumeric Amounts
rmDataRemove Data
segmented_plateCall 'segmented' for selected wells.
shiftDataShift Data
showSpectrumShow Visual Ligh Spectrum
skipWellsSkip Wells
viewGroupsView Group Averages
viewPlateView Plate
wavelength2RGBConvert Wavelength to RGB Colors
writeDatawrites out all data from the 'platexpress' object
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