Man pages for rystanley/genepopedit
Simple and flexible manipulation of genomic data

AlleleFreqCalculate the major allele
AlleleFreqLociCalculate allele frequency for a given allele
alleleotype_genepopAlleleotype -> GENEPOP format
common_stringIdentify common string sequence
frequenciesCalculate allele frequencies - sub-function of...
genepop_allelefreqExplore population specific allele frequencies.
genepop_assignerConvert Genepop to assigner format.
genepop_bgcConvert Genepop to Bayesian Genomic Clines (BGC) format.
genepop_cleanFixes common formatting problems using PGDspider.
genepop_colonyConvert Genepop to Colony format.
GenePopDataDocumentation for the dataset used inside genepopedit This...
genepop_detectiveExplore Genepop data structure.
genepop_filter_mafFilters genepop file for MAF
genepop_flattendFlatten Genepop to dataframe
genepop_fstatConvert Genepop to FSTAT format.
genepop_GSIsimConvert Genepop to GSI sim format.
genepop_hzarConvert Genepop to HZAR format.
genepop_IDAdd separation ("_") between population name (generated or...
genepop_newhybridsConvert Genepop to New Hybrids format.
genepop_reorderReturn a genepop file with populatons in specified order.
genepop_sampleRandomly sample individuals from Genepop.
genepop_structureConvert Genepop to STRUCTURE format.
genepop_toplociCreates a panel of the top n unlinked loci, and exports the...
genepop_treemixConvert a Genepop to input required for phython processing to...
genepop_unflattenConvert to Genepop format from a flattened dataframe.
insert_valsInsert values at location
majorminorFunction to convert allele in character format to bgc...
micro_genepopConvert to genepop from micro haplo plot file format.
OptimfuncDecision matrix for selecting a panel of unlinked loci by Fst
PGDspideRExecute PGDspider data format conversions in R
powermarker_genepopConvert Powermarker format to Genepop
subset_genepopGenepop subset loci and populations
subset_genepop_aggregateGenepop subset, combine, and reorder populations
subset_genepop_individualGenepop remove or keep specific sample IDs
subset_genepop_renameGenepop subset and rename populations
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