Man pages for suvarzz/MNuc

avg.timeseries.plotCalculate matrix of averages from meandat files and plot in...
bamcov.plotBam Coverage Statter Plot
bdg.binned.averageBinned average from bedgraph file
bdg.normNormalize bed graph files
check.coordCheck coordinates in dat files.
combine.heatmapsCombine heatmaps png into one image
coverage.plotCoverage plot
features.avg.plotAll features averages plot features box plot
find.norm.kCalculate normalizing coefficients
genelength.from.sgdGet lengths of genes from SGS txt file
get.signalGet signal
gr.extendExtend Genomic Range depending on strand
gr.extend.readsExtend GRange and trim of binned averages from bedgraph files
meta.arsARSs regions for metaplot
meta.dataMeta data generator
meta.meanMean data file generator for meta plot.
meta.plotTSS & ARS regions for metaplot These functions allows to...
meta.tssTSSs regions for metaplot
mxkminkFind normalizing coefficients based on Nucleosome Free...
mxlCreate list of matrices from several experiments. Create list...
mxl.dotplotDot plot from list of matrices. Take list of matrices and...
norm.mean.datSplit files in a directory into groups
read.csv.grImport csv to genomic ranges table from text file
saveGRSave Genomic Range as a csv file.
saveGRlistSave Genomic Ranges List as a set of csv files.
seqlevels.from.chrsizesGet seqlevels from chromosome sizes txt file
setmin.datNormalize data in data frame to minimal value (Null value) by...
setmink2.datNormalize data in data frame to minimal value (Null value) by...
setmink.datNormalize data in data frame to minimal value (Null value) by...
split_intergenicSplit intergenic regions and save as csv genomic ranges:...
write.mean.datWrite mean dat file.
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