Cells: Set and get cell barcode information for a 'Fragment' object

Cells.FragmentR Documentation

Set and get cell barcode information for a Fragment object


This returns the names of cells in the object that are contained in the fragment file. These cell barcodes may not match the barcodes present in the fragment file. The Fragment object contains an internal mapping of the cell names in the ChromatinAssay object to the cell names in the fragment file, so that cell names can be changed in the assay without needing to change the cell names on disk.


## S3 method for class 'Fragment'
Cells(x, ...)

## S3 replacement method for class 'Fragment'
Cells(x, ...) <- value



A Fragment object


Arguments passed to other methods


A vector of cell names to store in the Fragment object


To access the cell names that are stored in the fragment file itself, use GetFragmentData(object = x, name = "cells").

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