Man pages for zhuchcn/Metabase

conc_tableConstruct or assess a conc_table object
conc_table-classS4 class for concentration table
conc_table-setAssign a conc_table slot to a mSet object
experiment_dataAccess the experiment_data slot from a mSet object
ExperimentData-classA virtual S4 class for experiment data
experiment_data-setAssign a experiment_data slot to a mSet object
feature_dataConstruct or access a feature_data object
feature_data-classS4 class for feature data.
feature_data-setAssign a feature_data slot to a mSet object
helloHello, World!
MetabolomicsExperimentDataConstruction method for MetabolomicsExperimentData-class
MetabolomicsExperimentData-classS4 class to store experiment data for metabolomics...
MetabolomicsSetConstruct a MetabolomicsSet object
MetabolomicsSet-classS4 class to store metabolomics dataset
mSet-classA virtual S4 class to store an quantitative experiment data.
sample_tableConstruction or access a sample_table object
sample_table-classS4 class for sample metadata.
sample_table-setAssign a sample_table slot to a mSet object
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