lxy.repair: Repair a LoCoH-xy object

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Recreates a LoCoH-xy object


lxy.repair(lxy, fix.dup.ptid = FALSE, dt.int.round.to = 0.1,
  tau.diff.max = 0.02)



A LoCoH-xy object


Generate new ptid value(s) if there are any duplicates


The proportion of the median sampling frequency that time intervals will be rounded to when computing the frequency table of sampling intervals (no change is made to the time stamps)


The maximum deviation from tau (the median delta.t of the entire dataset), expressed as a proportion of tau, that time difference between two points must fall for the distance between those two points to be included in the calculation of the median step length


This will return a new lxy object containing the original xys, dt, and ptid from lxy. All other items and attributes (including the comment) will be recreated or set to NULL

Set fix.dup.ptid=TRUE to automatically generate new ptid values if any duplcates are detected. If fix.dup.ptid=FALSE and duplicate ptid values are detected, an error message will result.

tau.diff.max exists to eliminate the inclusion of temporal outliers in the computation of the median step length. The time difference betwen points must be withint tau.diff.max of tau for that pair of points to be included in step length calculation.


A LoCoH-xy object

See Also

xyt.lxy, lxy.id.new, lxy.merge

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