Man pages for CATALYST
Cytometry dATa anALYSis Tools

adaptSpillmatAdapt spillover matrix
applyCutoffsSingle-cell debarcoding (2)
assignPrelimSingle-cell debarcoding (1)
clusterFlowSOM clustering & ConsensusClusterPlus metaclustering
compCytofCompensate CyTOF data
computeSpillmatCompute spillover matrix
concatFCSFCS file Concatenation
daFrame-classDifferential analysis frame class
daFrame-methodsExtraction and replacement methods for objects of class...
dataExample data sets
dbFrame-classDebarcoding frame class
dbFrame-methodsExtraction and replacement methods for objects of class...
estCutoffsEstimation of distance separation cutoffs
extractClustersExtract clusters from a 'daFrame'
filterFilter daFrame
guessPanelGuess parameter panel
launchGUILaunch GUI
mergeClustersManual cluster merging
normCytofBead-based normalization
outFCSWrite population-wise FCS files
outFramesPopulation-wise 'flowFrame's from a 'dbFrame'
plotAbundancesPopulation frequencies across samples & clusters
plotClusterExprsPlot expression distributions by cluster
plotClusterHeatmapPlot cluster heatmap
plotCodestSNE and PCA on SOM codes
plotCountsPlot cell counts
plotDiffHeatmapPlot differential heatmap
plotEventsEvent plot
plotExprHeatmapPlot expression heatmap
plotExprsPlot expressions
plotMahalBiaxial plot
plotMDSMDS plot
plotMedExprsPlot median expressions
plotNRSPlot non-redundancy scores
plotSNEplot t-SNE
plotSpillmatSpillover matrix heat map
plotYieldsYield plot
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