Man pages for CATALYST
Cytometry dATa anALYSis Tools

applyCutoffsSingle-cell debarcoding (2)
assignPrelimSingle-cell debarcoding (1)
compCytofCompensate CyTOF experiment
computeSpillmatCompute spillover matrix
concatFCSFCS file concatination
dataExample data sets
dbFrame-classDebarcoding frame class
dbFrame-methodsExtraction and replacement methods for objects of class...
estCutoffsEstimation of distance separation cutoffs
estTrimEstimation of optimal trim value
normCytofBead-based normalization
outFCSWrite population-wise FCS files
outFramesPopulation-wise 'flowFrame's from a 'dbFrame'
plotEventsEvent plot
plotMahalBiaxial plot
plotSpillmatSpillover matrix heat map
plotYieldsYield plot
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