Man pages for CHRONOS
CHRONOS: A time-varying method for microRNA-mediated sub-pathway enrichment analysis

CHRONOSrunDefault run of CHRONOS
convertMiRNANomenclatureConform miRNA annotations to the ones currently used by...
convertNomenclatureConvert genes identifier nomenclature.
createPathwayGraphsConvert KEGG Pathways to Gene-Gene Network Graphs.
downloadKEGGPathwayListRetrieve all availiable pathways for an organism.
downloadMiRecordsDownload miRNA-mRNA interactions for an organism.
downloadPathwaysDownload KEGG pathways in KGML format.
extractLinearSubpathwaysLinear subpathway extraction from pathway graphs
extractNonLinearSubpathwaysNon linear subpathway extraction from pathway graphs
getEdgeTypesMap various types of gene-gene interactions in KGML files to...
importExpressionsImport gene and miRNA expressions from
pathwayMeasuresPathway structural and functional aspects
scoreSubpathwaysEvaluate subpathways using an interacting scorng scheme (IS)...
subpathwayKEGGmapCreate links to KEGG pathway map with highlighted...
subpathwayMiRNAsCreate a circulat plot of a subpathway and the miRNAs that...
visualizeResultsVisualize results in tabular form (txt, xlsx)
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