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The function creates and expressionSet starting from al file containing the expresison data in a tab delimited format. This file is loaded together with the description of the clinical paramenters present in Target This function uses a specific configuration of Target column of the affylmGUI target file. To know more about target file see affylmGUI help. Each row of the column named Target, in the affylmGUI target file, describes the clinical parameters. Each clinical parameter is separated from the others by an underscore. The affylmGUI target file will look like:

Name FileName Target
mC1 M1.CEL pos_yes_1_NA_0
mC2 M4.CEL pos_no_2_NA_0
mC3 M7.CEL neg_no_3_pos_0
mE1 M3.CEL neg_yes_3_neg_0
mE2 M6.CEL neg_no_NA_1_0
mE3 M9.CEL neg_yes_3_pos_0
mI1 M2.CEL pos_no_2_neg_1
mI2 M5.CEL pos_yes_2_pos_1
mI3 M8.CEL pos_no_2_pos_1




Raffaele A Calogero

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