Defines functions sech sec csch csc coth cot asech asec acsch acsc acoth acot

Documented in acot acoth acsc acsch asec asech cot coth csc csch sec sech

### Trigonometric functions for MathML evaluation

acot <- function(x) atan(1/x)
acoth <- function(x) atanh(1/x)
acsc <- function(x) asin(1/x)
acsch <- function(x) asinh(1/x)
asec <- function(x) acos(1/x)
asech <- function(x) acosh(1/x)
cot <- function(x) 1/tan(x)
coth <- function(x) 1/tanh(x)
csc <- function(x) 1/sin(x)
csch <- function(x) 1/sinh(x)
sec <- function(x) 1/cos(x)
sech <- function(x) 1/cosh(x)

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