LunParams: The LunParams class

Description Parameters


S4 class that holds parameters for the Lun simulation.


The Lun simulation uses the following parameters:


The number of genes to simulate.


The number of cells to simulate.


The number of groups to simulate.


Vector giving the number of cells in each simulation group/path.


Seed to use for generating random numbers.

Mean parameters

Shape parameter for the mean gamma distribution.


Rate parameter for the mean gamma distribution.

Counts parameters

The dispersion parameter for the counts negative binomial distribution.

Differential expression parameters

The number of genes that are differentially expressed in each group


The proportion of differentially expressed genes that are up-regulated in each group


The fold change for up-regulated genes


The fold change for down-regulated genes

The parameters not shown in brackets can be estimated from real data using lunEstimate. For details of the Lun simulation see lunSimulate.

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